It’s an exciting time to be a part of the natural gas industry.

At SouthStar, we strive to deliver safe and reliable service to our customers, promote an inclusive and positive work environment, and play an active role in the communities we serve. And just as we are seeking talented candidates, we know that you are looking for a company that offers more than just a job – you want a career where you can thrive, grow and learn. Our culture and values embrace work-life balance, diversity and inclusion, and the spirit of giving, and our benefits are designed with our employees’ health and well-being in mind.

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Billing Group #: Unique account number given to a natural gas account

Invoice Date: Date the invoice was generated

Invoice Number: Unique identification number given to an invoice

Due Date: Date that all charges must be paid by

Current Charges: Total of all charge activity for the current billing cycle; this field will not take into account any previous balance

Last Payment: Date when SouthStar received your last payment

Prior Balance Due: The amount owed for one or more previous billing cycles

Total Amount Due: Indicates the amount that you should pay each month to ensure your account is up-to-date

Current Charges Summary: A listing of all charge activity for the current billing cycle broken out by charge type

Finance Charge: If your account becomes past due, you will be billed a late charge on the unpaid amount

Transportation: Depending on your location, a transportation charge may apply; SouthStar bills a full interstate pipeline capacity charge for each service period regardless of the number of days of service

Customer Charge: Depending on your location, the local distribution company requires a Base Charge; SouthStar bills a full base charge regardless of the number of days of service

Sales Tax: As required by state law, sales tax will be applied to all charges except Late Charges

Customer Information: Your account name and address information



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